Connection: Start / NVR / Internet

Start / NVR / Internet

Decide if you will wired or wireless camera installation.

For the majority of video camera installations, I recommend using wired camera solutions.  With digital NVR video surveillance solutions, the wiring is CAT5 cabling.  The CAT5 wires include power inside the cable so you don’t have to run extra power to the cameras and is referred to as Power Over Ethernet or POE.  In other words, each camera will get their power from the NVR in your home via low voltage.  On the other hand, wireless camera installations can be handier on more complex houses or homes without attics or crawl spaces for wiring.  The downside to wireless cameras is that you need separate power to each camera.  Most homes will not already have power outlets where you need to install wireless cameras, therefore adding the extra cost and complexity of hiring an electrician to run power to each camera.  In addition, having separate power conversation for each camera will not be as energy efficient as low voltage wired cameras connected to the NVR.

  1. Wired Camera System
  2. Wireless Camera System